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Students with G20

An initiative of Forum of Free Enterprise

A word from
our President

H. P. Ranina

Who are we

The Forum of Free Enterprise is a non-political and non-partisan organization, established in 1956, to educate public opinion in India on free enterprise and its close relationship with the democratic way of life. The Forum seeks to stimulate public thinking on vital economic problems of the day through booklets and leaflets, meetings, essay competitions and other means as befit a democratic society.

Youth and
Forum of Free Enterprise



Over years, FFE has

institutionalized and nurtured a

host of elocution contests


Leadership Training

Nation-building through

responsible entrepreneurship

has been a core value of the FFE

Youth are the heartbeat of change and value creation. Recognizing this, the Forum of Free Enterprise (FFE) has been engaging the youth of India to build a resilient and responsible nation.



FFE has been funding cash

prizes and gold medals to be

awarded to meritorious students


FFE has institutionalized

scholarships at leading juridical institutions

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