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Youth's Career and G20 Presidency

Youth is the most powerful weapon that every country holds! According to the 2021 World Population Review, India has the greatest youth population in the world, with more than 808 million people between the age group of 18-35 years. India has the advantage to utilize the youth in developing our country and maintaining international relations through the G20 Presidency.

India, being a developing country, it is in the process to achieve good quality of life, better educational and medical facilities and modern technological infrastructure. Youth in our country are facing some issues that needs to be addressed. First and the most significant issue is the education system. The education system we are following today was made by a man named Thomas Bibingtan Macaulay in 1835. The sole aim behind this was to form a class of persons who are Indian in blood and color, English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect who would only serve Britishers and be loyal to them and that's the kind of education system we are still following. Students study for the sake of good grades and not for the knowledge which is the main motive behind providing education. During lockdown students have forgotten to study and memorize concepts and it eventually have resulted into lack of imagination power and grasping power among students.

The second problem is the next step after completing the education which are the job opportunities provided to the freshers. After completing graduation through reputed Universities and institutions youngsters are still unemployed. The reason behind this is lack of vacancies and lack of soft or hard skills among the students. Some recent studies, show that employers have found about only 25% of Indian graduates are ‘employable’ in the organised sector. Freshers are often given extra work load as compared to the salaries or incentives they are paid.

Students should be provided proper training sessions on improving the soft and hard skills. The most important thing in this would be knowing the talent and interest of an individual and encouraging him/her to follow his/her passion. 'Right person at Right place' will make the management work in a smoother way. And it will definitely empower the youth and decrease the rate of unemployment. However, it will also help develop the financial, Literature, Sports, social, etc sectors!

- Vedanti Vijay Gide

Kirti M. Doongursee College


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