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Youth and the future we wish to live

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

With the growing world economy, are you a contributor or a mere follower of the crowd? The G-20, association which has been working for the welfare of various economies of the world for more than 2 decades now and came to existence to deal with the aftermath of financial crises of 1990s and is now efficient more than ever. G-20, an intergovernmental forum consisting of 19 countries and EU (European nations) has been working on various causes including international financial instability, climate change, sustainable development, and many more. For this forum to continue to make

remarkable progress; it is important for the youth of today to be aware of the fast changes and quick disruptions in the flow of the economy. The G-20 has until now worked on enormous dilemmas like increasing the lending capacity of the IMF after the 2008 global depression, strengthening global architecture, Combating Terror Financing, etc. This all was reachable, as many of these leaders thrived on the curiosity to learn and bring about an employable change in the mundane ways of work.

The youth of today is powerful and knowledgeable, and holds the potential to bring about the much-needed changes the world is in desperate need of. From agriculture to inventions in aeronautics, all of it is only possible if their stored potential and the craving to learn is utilized in the right manner. The undiscovered talent and artistry that rests in the most remote parts of the globe should be provided opportunities to come forward. This can become our reality if the countries which are part of different world forums, like G20, work productively and join hands for the inclusive growth of the world youth. Development in several territories like finance, business, politics, education and a good deal of others is already considerably influenced by the youth of today. Some of those famous young innovators include, Hannah Herbst from Florida, who dreamt a bold dream of generating electricity from ocean waves at the raw age of 13, Shubham Banerjee, founder of Braigo Labs who made a prototype of a cost-efficient braille printer in 2015 and Riya Karumanchi, who engineered a device called SmartCane which detects distinctive hurdles and wet surfaces with an inbuilt GPS navigator based on patterned vibrations and audio.

If measured on a transcontinental level, we are just on the onset of exploring the

boundless inventions the young generation of today has to offer. If given the right care and nurtured with all the required resources and assistance, there will never be a scarcity of dependable successors who are ready to lead their respective nations in many more international forums just like G20.

- Vedika Singh

R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics

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