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Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Top Priority on G20's Agenda:Protecting the Digital Economy

As a young person growing up in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, I believe that cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing our generation. Due to the rapid development of technology and the internet, we are more connected than ever. There have been a lot of benefits, but there have also been new security threats that we need to deal with.

Cybersecurity is a global problem that affects everyone, not just businesses or individuals. As a result, I believe cybersecurity should be the primary focus of the G20 summit, along with strategies for protecting our digital infrastructure.

A cyberattack can devastatingly affect everything from individual data to foundation like transportation frameworks and power matrices. This is not a hypothetical threat because we have already witnessed significant cyberattacks that have caused widespread disruption and financial losses.

Our economic and physical infrastructure, as well as our democratic institutions, are also at risk from cybersecurity threats. For instance, cyberattacks on elections have the potential to damage public confidence in our institutions and jeopardize the reliability of our democratic procedures.

The decisions made at the G20 summit will have the greatest impact on us as young people. To safeguard our digital future, our leaders must take the necessary steps and include us in this discussion. Investing in cybersecurity research, enacting stricter laws and regulations, and cooperating across borders to combat these threats are all part of this.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a pressing problem that needs to be addressed at every government level. I urge the leaders of the G20 nations to prioritize this issue and work together to ensure a safe and secure digital future for all.

- Shruti Shinde

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology

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