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  • Sanjana Salgarkar, Aditya Bapat

Urging The Implementation Of Measures To Bridge The Gender Gap In The Workplace Sanjana

Inequality in job profiling based on gender is a problem that is largely prevalent all around the world. Finding employment is much more difficult for women than it is for men. When they do get employment, the positions they work in are historically lower in quality and with little chance of improvement in their future. According to the International Labour Organization, the global labour force participation rate for men is 72% whereas it is 47% for women. There is an overall difference of 25 percentage points; a few regions have gaps of more than 50 percentage points. A major reason that women do not seek out paid jobs in the first place are the socio-economic restrictions and the influence of traditional gender roles. Especially in developing countries, the ‘male breadwinner’ stereotype becomes heavily apparent. Work-life balance is an issue for both men and women, yet women face the brunt of this obstacle. For women, even their basic safety is not guaranteed on their daily commute. Women face the risk of harassment every day.

The Gender Wage Gap - According to the World Economic Forum, the gender wage gap is a phenomenon that will still take 188 years to even up. According to the International Labour Organization’s Global Wage Report 2018/19, the global average gender wage gap was about 20 percent, based on data from 80 countries. The Global Wage Report 2022/23 shows very little change in the global average gender wage gap. Inequality in job profiling can be avoided by promoting a gender-inclusive business culture and following the principle of equal remuneration for equal work value for men and women. Regulations to eliminate discrimination against women must be implemented, such as training to avoid workplace harassment. Appropriate access to maternity protection and parental protection are measures that must also be implemented in workplaces. Sanjana Salgarkar, Aditya Bapat

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology

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