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Succour of our life

“A healthy mind is the greatest treasure” they say. And to have a good mind you need to have a good mental stability. A Good mental health allows for cognitive and emotional flexibility.

In current situations it has been noticed that we humans are facing a lot of difficulties dealing with our mental health. Feeling sad or down, confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate , withdrawal from friends and activities, emotional outbursts etc. are common symptoms observed in people and mostly in the youth of the nations. We should understand that not only the person with illness but the care givers lose their time which directly affects the efficiency of the person to work. It lowers the productivity ratio of the nation. Around 12 billion productive days are lost due to depression, anxiety, costing the global economy in a lump sum amount of money in lost productivity according to World health Organisation Report.

The youth is the hope for a better future. To sustain the hope the youth should be that efficient. Constant Dysfunctional home environment, growing competition, failures in exam, not meeting the expectations of the family and many such reasons which are leading the youth for having poor mental health. The studies have found out that around 20% of high school students report serious thoughts like suicide or harming themselves according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We students are the future of the planet earth. But to be the future we should be that structured. To grow the economy globally there should be increase in the labour productivity. And this can be done when a person is mentally and physically fit. Human capital formation is important for a nation to develop. Youths are inventors and innovators and we should support and help them with proper health care facilities both mental and physical besides proper education and training. Proper psychoeducation and interpersonal counselling should be provided.

However, being a student, this is my concern about our future. G-20 is a global platform which discusses the macroeconomic issues related to health, environment etc. This platform can surely promote mental health awareness to the top priority and work on the advancements in resolution of the factors we are lacking in.

- Sharvari Sanjay Joshi

Kaveri College, Pune

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