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Students with G-20 summit

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

World’s climatic influence global temperatures but also weather patterns across the world. Now it’s essential to take an action.

Model G20 Summit- ‘Youth for life’ (lifestyle for Environment) was the theme for Conference. Twenty group of countries coming together with one aim. The theme of India's G20 Presidency - “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth. One Family. One Future”.

India is known as country with huge population, more than 50% of its population is under the age of 25 hence India is called young nation. Youths are future of the country taking in to that consideration government has given tremendous opportunity to students to speak up against on various global environmental issues. The youth of the country is the strength of the country so we should work hard to preserve and protect our environment.

Environmental Issues facing the world

Climate change has become a urgent global challenge. Rising temperature are fueling environmental degradation, natural disaster, weather extremes, food and water insecurity, economic disruption, conflicts and terrorism will affect negatively not only humans lives but also all kinds of life species and organisms which work together in ecosystems and they are dependent variables.

How does Economy affects?

Agriculture, fisheries, tourism sectors are getting affected due to Environmental degradation. Andit’s negatively affecting on country’s Economy. Without urgent action, India stands to lose 5.21% of its GDP by 2050. Whereas sustainable development gives lower negative impact on the environment. And economically beneficial as well.

What are the initiative by Government on Climate change?

Government is taking initiative to control climate change issues. Many govt. projects are under taken ‘Majhi Vasundhara’ state level as well as district level. 'National solar mission’ for enhanced energy efficiency.

What we can do?

▪ Reduce of carbon footprint means we can use public transport , save energy, proper utilization of natural resources. Volunteering for clean drive. This basic things can make huge difference.

▪ We adopt environmental healthy practices projects like water pit, rain water harvesting etc.

▪We can do our further studies in subject like Ecology, Agriculture, Environmental engineering, Environmental law, Environmental science etc.

▪Develop as well as we can promote Sustainable products which are environmentally degradable.

▪ Waste management can also be the start- up opportunity.

▪ Eco-tourism can be tourist attraction so we can support this concept by visiting forest areas.

▪ Investments in a wooden, bamboo, coal plants to power economic growth.

▪ We can be an environmental activist. Initiate or volunteer with environmental organizations. CSR activities also play a important role.

▪ We can consult with developers to use less glass when designing building. Green structures.

The global climatic conditions are getting worst day by day. As we progress rapidly towards modernity at the same time many problems have arisen. Up till now we were arguing for it. Now this is high time it should be on priority! We need to conserve natural resources for coming generation.

Now awareness is there in people but need to be more responsible. Yes, environment can’t be the same as it was earlier cold, clean and clear. We can not impose natural disaster but we have to put all possible efforts to preserve and protect our environment. As a responsible citizen let’s contribute to the country by focusing on these aspects Climate change, Sustainable development, Agriculture and Environment.

- Durga Sudhir Thavi

Tolani College of Commerce

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