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Motivating the Immigrant’s

The G20 summit held in the year 2023 is very being proudly hosted by India

(Current Presidency) which will consist of a cumulative discussion and

Intellectual Interaction on critical issues arising in the ongoing Geopolitical

situation and also keeping a progressive future prospect of overall development.

A summarized understanding of G20 summit will portray a common citizen

that the main theme of discussion is divided into 2 parts i.e., Sherpa Track

and Financial Track covering some prominent and ongoing problems like

Financial Literacy, Macro Economics stabilization, Global Trade Growth,

Investment Strategies in which diplomats, foreign leaders, Intellectual

Scholars will put forward their stands, ideas, beliefs, understanding and

express it respectively. After, an overall decoding of the issues raised in g20

summit 2023 a very uprising concern of today’s Generation is the migration of

students from one domestic country to another foreign country specifically in

relations to Masters or Higher Education matters and academic purposes.

A ground reality of this immigration rising rate is derived from the study that Indian students going abroad to study are adding to the largest numbers of emigrants (estimated to be about 18 million Indian people). Participating countries in the summit should focus on the in – out flow of students and create efficient and prompt policy mechanism in collaboration with various stakeholders of the education system at pan international level. Some of

the problems faced by students are complex Admission Process, Ignorance and

Marginalization in foreign society, Ailment of academic scholarships and many others unknown issues need to give a center light at such grand summit. Policy creation and social awareness should be established at the g20 summit since upcoming time will see the rise of youth of current time in majority numbers post future!

- Chinmay Desai


VPM R Z Shah College of Arts, Science & Commerce

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