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India G20 Presidency

With the motto of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, India has embarked on the year long journey of the G20 Presidency.

Indeed, there is an immense opportunity for steering international co-ordination towards economic stability and prosperity, which is in general an over-arching goal of the G20 organization. G20 is a platform for inculcating the culture of collective action, co-ordination and consensus building while strengthening multilateralism.

India, since independence, has envisioned a pluralistic and democratic world sans despotic superpowers. It has imagined a world where countries collectively engage in coordinated efforts to ensure world peace and the development of the entire world. Thus, with the motto of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the Indian leadership motive is to ensure a global order of world peace and inclusive and sustainable development.

The leadership of world’s biggest group at such a critical geopolitical turmoil is an opportunity for India to make her mark if done the right way.

This G20 will have many important focus points such as world trade upcoming economic recession and the ongoing Russia Ukraine War.

My focus on G20 is solely about keeping an eye on the narrative building over India’s soft power. It matters because its about creating an image of India in the minds of citizens all around the world. As Udaipur has been chosen for the G20 sherpa meeting because the government wants to make it a global tourism destination.

So the main objective of the G20 are:

a) Policy coordination between its members in order to achieve global economic stability sustainability growth.

b) To promote financial regulations that reduce risks and prevent future financial crises.

c) To create a new international financial architecture.

As a result of a series of initiatives in recent years to transform all aspects of governance and unleash creative energies of people, the world has started to look at India with a new sense of respect.

G20 Presidency is an opportunity to promote democracy and multilateralism and the right forum for shaping a better world and a better future. Under India’s leadership I am sure G20 will be able to further enhance its efforts to build a more equitable and sustainable world order.

To my mind, global warming and climate change are the most pressing among them. Global temperatures are rising and incidents of extreme weather are increasing. We are faced with the dilemma: to lift more and more people out of poverty, we need economic growth, but that growth also comes from fossil fuel.

Developing and popularizing alternative sources of energy is one of the solutions.

-Anita N. Marathi

Divekar College

Karwar (U.K.)

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