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Grow Through Life

What do we students actually do? What do we learn? Indian education is divided into two parts Private and Government education. The ratio is 5:7 respectively. As a student of India ,me and a lot of students face many problems. I’d like to draw G20 nations attention to the education system of India.

In our educational system a lot of attention is provided to theory and books and the practical knowledge is completely neglected. As we know most of our curriculum focuses on root learning and only a bit of practicality.

When we pass our exams we forget all the things we studied about due to lack of practical knowledge. Here, our parents and teachers just expect us to score high in exams rather than quality knowledge. It feels like everyone is running in a race and we don’t even know what our race is. Constantly just studying for the sake of exams just makes our brain more drained. Lots of technological and scientific advancements are now taking place in India and I think our syllabus should modify and not only be quantitative but qualitative.

Giving importance only to subjects like mathematics and science in school is not enough. This is the reason students don’t know how to be a problem solver so hence I would suggest that school should give importance to every subject plus the co-curriculum.

If we want our children to be evolved and learn more things we have to make a change in our system.

- Shreya Bhilare

Vidyalankar School of Technology.

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