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G20 : Indian Perspective

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Gone are the days of western domination, proof of which lies in the current political scenario. At the helm of it is the G20, a forum for the fastest growing nations. India holds the presidency this year and the timing couldn’t have been better. The road to a 5 trillion-dollar economy involves tackling a plethora

of deterrents, India’s neutral stance on the Russia – Ukraine war raises eyebrows in the western world. Due to this in the recent G20 meet of foreign ministers India’s long-term ally France tried cornering us to take a stance. All this along with our hostile neighbors on either side China and Pakistan.

It is speculated that India will host the final meet, which is attended by heads of states of all member nations, in Ladakh and Kashmir. Hence rendering the world to finally accept it as a part of India and forcing them to correct their maps. The G20 has also opened the doors on the UPI system, delegates of

all nations are at last able to see the true potential of this nation. In such uncanny waters the “Soft Power” that we hold can be revolutionary. India can improve ties with nations as the president of the summit can invite any nation of their choice to attend the meet like Ukraine, Spain, U.A.E, Rwanda etc.

In geopolitics there are no friends or enemies, there are only nations with allied interest. Thus, G20 is a steppingstone for India for a permanent seat at the UNSC. The leaders of a country can dictate the foreign policy of a nation, but implementation is in the hands of the youth. It is of monumental importance that the youth of a nation take an active part in politics at the global level and keep a check on the representation of their nation.

- Heet Tolia

R. A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics

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