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G20 and Youth

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Article 51 of the Indian constitution deals with the promotion of international peace and security. It advocates that state shall endeavor to promote international peace as well as security and maintain just and honorable relations between nations. These are the core principles of India's foreign policy. India always tries to bring out cooperation among nations. Therefore India's G20 presidency will work to promote universal sense of oneness. Hence our theme is also one earth, one family, one future. It means we are promoting our cultural value i.e Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.

Realists like Hans Morgantheu and others introduced the concept of balance of power after the second world war. They wanted to show the importance of power to remain outside the war. But after seeing Russia and Ukraine conflict, Taliban's intrusion in Afghanistan even in a multi polar world, it is quite evident that along with a balance of power we need a balance of peace. Every nation should keep jingoism and chauvinism aside. Peace and cooperation should be

prioritized. That peace may be brought out by g 20. The G20 is not just a grouping of the world's 20 biggest economies. It represents more than 60%of the global population. This implies that decisions made at G20 will impact 3 out of 5 people on this planet. What's more, remaining countries and economies broadly follow rules and regulations set by the G20 due to the group,s overwhelming influence on global trade and economy. It is one and only platform where

developed and developing countries are working together.

Yes, G20 is such a robust and powerful platform. That's why scholars like Mukul Samwal say that India must prioritize using the G20 summit in 2023 as a forum to tackle aggressive trade barriers, international conflicts such as Russia and Ukraine, promotion of global peace and cooperation. It has pledged to increase its international assistance in a variety of soci economic sectors like trade, digital economy, cyber security, agriculture, health, terrorism, tourism as well as employment.

But these goals can't be achieved without participation of youth. Because youth are not only the future of tomorrow but also today's stakeholders. When we talk about demographic dividend then India is lucky to have 67% population as a working population. It has a great opportunity to utilize this energy through the G20 presidency. If the energy of youth is directed towards constructive purposes then the whole world achieves all round, sustainable, equitable


G20 meetings will be held in every state of India. These meetings will open up opportunities for youth and academia to share their views on achieving India's global mission and vision. Young people have a chance to connect with their peers in other G20 countries and participate in a conversation on sustainability, climate change, peace and many more. Political thinker Habermas opined that people should come together and participate in the formulation of law

and communicate with each other to develop themselves as well as democracy. This can be done through the student exchange programme and University connect programme that we have planned.

Along with that G20 consultation may take place in every city in which students from different parts of India as well as from other countries should be invited. It will help youth to discuss ongoing problems the world is suffering through. Exchange of ideas will play a very important role. These kinds of meetings will make youth able to see various challenges the world is facing through global lenses and come up with a global solution which is need of an hour. Deliberation

is a key to solving any challenge. Youth can participate in research and development activities to find sustainable solutions. For that secretariat may arrange different competitions or exhibitions. G20 consultation will provide students a platform where open talk between them will be held. After all, issues need to be tackled with mutual cooperation and by sharing experience and wisdom gathered. Pratiksha Parshuram Gaikwad

Kirti M. Doongursee College

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