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G20 and Youth: A solution to upcoming crisis

26 th September 1999, G20 was formed with an initiative for shaping and

strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international

economic issues. The role of G20 is going to be very vital as the most of economy lies in the hands of youths, and G20 has realised it very well and they are running very important programmes for youths, related to employment and youth representation in various sectors. India currently has the presidency of G20 this gives Indian youth an opportunity to showcase their skills. Young India is set to host the G20 & Y20 summit for the first time. The nation has planned a series of events to bring young leaders from all across the globe together and discuss ideas for a better tomorrow and draft an agenda for action. This will give a wider exposure to Indian youth and help them to connect with the real time practical world problems. Over the time the youth factor has gained a very highlighting importance in political, cultural and economical aspects. This shows that the world today relies on youths. The vision of G20 to strengthen the world economy will be successful with the co-operation of youth, and they together can find a definite solution for upcoming crisis. In this context Indian youth can harness this opportunity of Indian playing a bigger role on international forum.

Abhishekh Upadhyay, St. Gonsalo Garcia College of Arts and Commerce,


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