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G20 and youth

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

India is also at the center of a troika of G20 presidencies — of Indonesia, India and Brazil, respectively — all of them emerging economies, thus, providing a greater voice for making the concerns of the “Global South” heard at a very crucial juncture for the international community.

The G20 presidency gives India an unprecedented opportunity to test its clout and credibility in tackling the fragmented global order — and now it needs to embrace it.

Youths plays a very dominating role in G-20, this year India has got the presidency of G20. This is going to be a great benefit to India’s youth. It is presumed that it is the work of the youth to take India forward. With this we can bring many changes in India for youths because of this presidency India will have good relations with many countries. So we can bring new development and employment plans for youths in our country. Today’s youth taking education from India to do business in countries like USA, UK and other foreign countries because there are limited employment opportunities in India. In this one year of presidency India should set up so many developmental plans that will be beneficial for our youth for years to come. Youth in India should have enough domestic opportunities and yes, it is possible if the G- 20 forum is used properly. It will further create opportune time for youth from foreign countries to come to our country in search of newer area of businesses and industry. Due to this India’s financial condition can improve and India can benefit a lot from it.

As the saying goes “History repeat itself” G- 20 creates potentials for today’s young leaders will can lead the world in upcoming decades.

No one can stop India from becoming a developed country with all these new opportunities.

Thank you so much,

Jai hind, jai bharat.

Salunke Megha Naresh Poonam,

ST. Gonsalo Garcia College, Vasai

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1 Comment

Onkar Irkar
Onkar Irkar
Feb 15, 2023

Nice 👍👏

what you have written hopefully gets done

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